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#CALFMATTERS is a vaccination campaign from Merial Animal Health to support veterinary practices to drive increased uptake of calf pneumonia vaccination by helping to reduce the overall cost of vaccination.

#CALFMATTERS_Vaccinate for healthy calves

Tina rears around 150 calves. They come from different farms and are at a high risk to have diseases such as calf pneumonia. That is why she vaccinates her calves in order to have healthier calves, which increases her profitability.

#CALFMATTERS Vaccination – an essential part of the protocol on calf rearing farms

Martin and his brother rear 130 calves on a 5 weeks cycle. As part of their management protocol, they vaccinate the calves when they arrive. Since they started vaccinating , they haven’t losta single calf.

#CALFMATTERS Ashleigh Fennell – Every Calf Matters on Irish beef farm

Meet Ashleigh Fennell, a beef and sheep farmer in Carlow with a calf to beef system. Her farm system is based on efficiency and keeping the calves healthy is a number one priority. Calf pneumonia had been a problem with her buying in calves from multiple sources. Ashleigh saw the knock-on effects with heifers down the line where carcass’s were not what she expected. She’s made changes to her calf management systems and vaccination is a key factor in her animal health plan now. One loss is a huge loss to her business. She runs a small unit and every calf matters.

#CALFMATTERS Ashleigh Fennell – on being an Irish female farmer

Meet Ashleigh Fennell, a beef and sheep farmer in Carlow with a calf to beef system. Being a female farmer wasn’t a big deal for her as for generations females were involved with her farm. She recognises it’s a man’s world and that you need to speak up and not be a push over especially at marts. For Ashleigh, farming is a vocation and although she loves it, it’s tough and very hard work. You have to love it to be successful. Small details make all the difference especially when it comes to animal health.

Reduce individual treatments with vaccination

Chris has a mixed farm of beef and dairy calves. On the advice of his vet, he implemented a vaccination program to reduce the individual treatment and grow healthier cows.

What is the #CALFMATTERS campaign?

The Merial Animal Health #CALFMATTERS vaccination campaign supports veterinary practices and their farmers to be more proactive on farm by vaccinating against calf pneumonia before it’s too late.
How can you get involved?

Register your interest online now or call your veterinary practice today to sign up to the #CALFMATTERS vaccination campaign to help save on the cost of vaccinating against calf pneumonia.
Protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Improve calf welfare and farmer profitability with vaccination

A vaccination protocol is a good management practice to help avoid calf pneumonia on farms, by reducing the use of antibiotics and the mortality on farms. The vaccination protocol gives very good results and feedback from farmers is positive.

Raising calf pneumonia awareness and walk for charity

As part of the campaign, 100 vets and animal health professionals are taking up the challenge to walk 10,000 steps a day for 20 weeks fundraising for charity.

Help them supporting the following charities:
Farm Africa, in the UK:…
VIVA (Volunteers in Irish Veterinary Assistance) in Ireland:…