#CALFMATTERS Social Media Public Policy

#CALFMATTERS Social Media Public Policy

Thanks for engaging with #CALFMATTERS. This page is intended for use by veterinary professionals and farmers within the UK and Ireland.

We welcome thoughtful, reasonable and respectful comments. Please remember that comments and images including profanity, nudity, personal attacks and insults, racism, sexism and any forms of discrimination or distress are unacceptable and will be removed without warning.

We remind you that this is an awareness page for calf pneumonia vaccination and not associated with any product. Any comments relating to any POM-V, POM-VPS products (UK) or VPO-1, VPO, POM products (IE) will be removed without warning. Repeated messages designed to harass or deemed to be spam or trolling will also be removed. We reserve the right to ban without warning any users who persistently violate these policies.

If you become aware of any materials or activities carried out on our properties that are offensive, unlawful or infringe third party rights in any way, please inform us here GBcalfmatters@merial.com. We will aim to remove any such materials or activities as quickly as possible.

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